Used Porsche Alloys

Buying used Porsche alloys can save you plenty of money over buying brand new from the dealership. Porsche is an iconic manufacturer of German sports cars which has a following the world over. We showcase used alloy wheels for all models of Porsches including the 911 996 and 997 and popular upgrade wheels for the variants such as GT2/GT3 and Turbo. Whether you are looking for OEM genuine alloys or aftermarket sports wheels, we have them all available in used condition at fantastic prices.

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Cheap Porsche Alloys

The majority of Porsche owners who buy used alloys from this site are looking to make their standard Porsche look higher spec by adding alloys such as those found on the GT2 and GT3. By purchasing second hand alloy wheels you really can save literally thousands of pounds compared to the price that they could cost at a dealership. Classic Porsche owners may be looking for some genuine retro alloy wheels such as Cookie Cutters or Teledials. If you have a damaged wheel or wheels then this site can also cater for you, with many people selling genuine wheels in different quantities at cheap prices.

With Porsche being such a performance make of car, it is crucial that you check the wheels you are buying are the correct fitment for your model of Porsche. Once you have found the ideal wheels for your car then it is a case of purchasing and either having the wheels sent directly to your home or going and collecting them in person.