Used BMW Alloys

A fantastic range of used BMW alloys for many of the popular makes and models including the 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and sports spec versions such as the m3 and m5! There are so many different types of alloys available for the BMW in a wide range of different sizes, fitments and styles either OEM or aftermarket versions. Buying in used condition can save so much money compared to buying the same wheels in brand new condition from the dealers.

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Cheap BMW Alloys

Most modern BMWs do come with alloy wheels although you still find some with steel wheels. Either way one way to make your BMW a higher spec is to buy some added extra alloy wheels which normally from the main dealership would cost thousands but on this site can be found far cheaper! When buying used BMW alloys you can save so much money with many of the alloys being in fantastic condition. Many owners put newer model wheels on their car, such as e36 alloys onto a e46 to further enhance the looks, styling and performance.

Please do make sure that you check what spec of alloys you BMW needs, many of the wheels can go on different models of the car but it is worth checking that they are going to fit with no problems before you buy them. You can either collect your alloys from the seller directly or have them sent via courier to you securely and quickly.