Used 20 inch Alloys

Find the right used 20 inch alloys by looking through all the different wheels we offer for all makes and models of car. Whether you are trying to replace a damaged wheel or just looking to upgrade your whole set for something new. We showcase alloy wheels in different styles and finishes.

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Cheap 20 inch Alloys

20 inch alloy wheels are slightly larger than you average wheel spec, but a great option for those looking to upgrade their existing wheels or replace a broken or damaged one. You can save so much money over buying the same wheels new from a dealer or shop, so great if you are on more of a budget.

Many people purchase 20 inch alloys in second hand or refurbished condition so that they can upgrade the looks of their car without spending thousands of pounds. Many of the wheels on this site will fit straight on to your car and they come in a wide range of styles, colours and fitments.

Check if the seller offers delivery or a local collection service before buying depending on where in the UK you live. Please also make sure that you double check the exact sizing and fitment that your make and model of car requires before buying the wheels or there may be problems when you come to fit them!