Refurbished Alloys

Buying refurbished alloy wheels is a great way to guarantee that you are buying wheels in mint condition, but at a fraction of the price they would cost brand new. Refurbished alloys are second hand wheels which have been cosmetically rejuvenated with new paint and polishing to not only bring the wheel back to its former state, but in some cases improved with more modern technics and colouring. For example a standard set of old silver alloy wheels may now feature black paint and polished lips which drastically improve the looks. Buying refurbished alloys is also a fantastic way to purchase older alloy wheels which you just can’t buy brand new anymore.

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Why buy refurbished alloy wheels?

There are many reasons as to why buying refurbished wheels can be a good move, but in general it comes down to the amount of money you can save! When people usually look to buy used alloys, there is always the expectation that you have to put up with curbed, old and corroded wheels. With refurbished this is simply not the case! At a fraction of the price of buying the same wheels brand new, refurbished wheels look as new and in many cases can be an upgrade.

Refurbished alloys are wheels that are used, but cosmetically brought right back to new. No matter what finish is applied to the wheels, powder coated and fully painted or diamond cut, they are usually brought back up to OEM standards. This removes any corrosion, chips, scratches, scuffs, scrapes and kerb damage!

Many car owners save hundreds or even thousands of pounds when buying a refurbished set of alloys over having to fork out for the same wheels from a dealership. They can even be the perfect option for replacing a single damaged or cracked wheel.

This site showcases a huge range of refurbished alloys for all makes and models of cars, so search through the site today and you should be able to find the exact wheel to the correct specification you need!