Used 18 inch Alloys

Look through our large range of used 18 inch alloys, perfect for upgrading the look of your car or replacing a damaged/cracked wheel. No matter what make or model of car you have, you can find the perfect wheels, in a style and finish which you are looking for.

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Cheap 18 inch Alloys

18 inch alloy wheels are one of the most common standard fitments to modern day cars which come with alloys. Buying a new set in used or refurbished condition can be a great way of upgrading your car or even replacing a broken or damaged wheel in your current set. On this site we showcase a huge range of 18 inch wheels for you to pick from.

Save money over buying brand new wheels from the dealership by picking a set which is in second hand condition, offering the same quality and style but for those on more of a budget looking to save money. We offer many different styles and even colours of 18 inch alloys which you can pick for your exact make and model of car.

Check if the seller offers collection or courier delivery when buying your wheels, making it quick and easy to get the wheels and fit them to your car. We recommend that you double check that the type of alloys and fitment specifications are correct to your car before purchasing as all wheels can fit slightly different depending on the exact car you have.