Used Tesla Alloys

A large range of used Tesla alloy wheels available for the popular modes and more. There are many different styles and finishes to pick from including the popular “turbine” style found on many Teslas. These wheels are perfect for either replacing a damaged wheel or simply upgrading the look of your car with a different style or finish. Buying alloy wheels in used condition can save you so much money compared to having to buy the same wheel at retail prices!

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Cheap Tesla Alloys

Finding the ultimate Tesla alloy wheels or replacement wheel on this site can be a very cheap option compared to sourcing the same alloys from a dealership. There are many different wheels to pick from in used or refurbished condition depending on your preferences. They come with or without tyres, which can make life easier if they come complete with tyres. Many owners are looking for a cheap alternative to replace a damaged wheel and we have many showcased here on this site.

Please make sure to check that the wheels you are purchasing are the right fitment for your exact model of Tesla, so that there are no problems when you come to fit them. Many of these wheels can either be picked up or shipped directly to your door depending on what the seller offers in the listing.