Used Mini Alloys

Buy used alloy wheels for your Mini, whether you own a classic Mini or a new Mini BMW we have all the alloy wheels you will need for all specs and models. The mini is one of the most famous cars in not only Britain, but the rest of the world. It is an iconic car which many people look to upgrade or replace parts on. Because of this many of our users love the range we showcase of second hand alloy wheels as we have hundreds listed!

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Cheap Mini Alloys

There is no reason to buy brand new alloy wheels, especially when most of the wheels needed for classic minis can’t be purchased brand new anymore anyway. We have a huge range of wheels in all styles and sizes, from classic smaller wheels for the original mini to big and trendy wheels for the newer style of mini. Just because these wheels are second hand does not mean that they are not worthy of your car. Many of them have minor markings or are indeed refurbished to a high quality finish!

You will find so many different types, colours and fitments of wheels that you are certain to find exactly what you need. The sellers of these wheels are located all around the UK and can sell you these alloys cheaper than you would find on other sites. You can have the alloys couriered straight to your door or you can collect from the company or individual who has sold them to you!