Used Alloys

Welcome to home to thousands of used alloys from sellers all over the UK. Buying alloy wheels in used condition is a great way to save money when upgrading or replacing a damaged wheel on your car. Pick from sets or individual alloy wheels, with or without tyres!

used alloy wheels

All wheels for sale are priced at a fraction of what they would cost at a dealership or supplier. They are sold in sets or individually by business and sellers throughout the UK, available to be delivered straight to your door, or for collection depending on the listing.

You will find a massive range of used alloy wheels, spanning all makes and models of vehicle, available in different sizes, styles and specifications to suit the exact wheels you require.

Buy Used Alloy Wheels Online

Buying used alloy wheels online is a fantastic way to save money over the cost of buying brand new wheels directly from the main dealer. There are so many individuals and companies all over the UK looking to sell alloys in used and refurbished condition. You can often find wheels in as new condition, or if you are on a budget there are great savings to be had on alloy wheels with slight cosmetic marks.

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Quite often many of the alloys on this site can be purchased with tyres, which make it far easier to get the wheels straight onto the car once they have been delivered. Although typically alloys with tyres cost more, it can be a major saving over having to have brand new tyres fitted once the wheels arrive!

Many people have used our site over the years to find and buy some of the best alloy wheels for their car at a fraction of the price they would typically cost. We provide access to thousands of used alloys spanning over all makes and models of cars out on the UK roads. Whether you are looking to replace damaged wheels or wanting to upgrade, you are sure to find the exact wheel, or wheels that you need!

The Cheaper Way To Buy Alloys!

Buying alloy wheels for your car can be one of the most expensive upgrades you make, which is why many suggest buying used alloys to keep costs down! For those on a budget you can still buy genuine original alloy wheels, while saving money. With so many sellers looking to part with their wheels, you can find the correct set of wheels for your exact make and model of car, at a price which suits you.

Start searching now for the perfect cheap alloy wheels for your car, you may be surprised at just how much money you can save buying second hand!

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