Used 16 inch Alloys

We showcase a large range of used 16 inch alloys that are perfect for upgrading the look of your car or even replacing a damaged wheel. We have alloy wheels for all makes and models of cars so you are sure to find the exact wheels you require.

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Cheap 16 inch Alloys

If you are looking for 16 inch alloy wheels in used condition then you have found one of the best sites for many different styles, types and brands of wheels to suit your exact make and model of car. They make for the perfect upgrade or replacement for the wheels currently on your car and you may be surprised at just how affordable they are when in second hand condition!

When looking for 16 inch alloys you may opt for simply used condition or refurbished to a high standard. This can be a great way of buying genuine alloy wheels for your car at a far lesser cost then having to buy new ones directly from the main dealer. Plenty of people buy used alloy wheels either as a way of adding higher spec wheels to their model of car or replacing one that is damaged.

You can see if the seller offers a local pickup option or if they will ship them directly to your door. Please double check before buying that they fit your exact make and model of car so that there is no problem when you go to fit them!