Used Rota Alloys

Rota wheels come in amazing styles and sizes to really push the boundaries of your cars styling and look. These are not your everyday alloy wheels and are perfect for no matter what make and model of car you have. The used Rota alloys found on this site are the perfect option for those looking to style their car in a way that stands it out from the crowd. These alloy wheels can often be quite expensive when purchased brand new, so buying via our website can save you money compared to purchasing through a retailer!

Alloy wheels rays te37 replica rota grid Toyota Subaru vw audi 5x100 18x75 et42


18x10 5x1143 Rota Grid Drifts With R888 Tyree


Rota Grid Drift 18 Alloys fits Evo 350Z Skyline S14A 200sx RX7 Supra 5x1143


Rota Titan 18 Alloys fits Subaru Impreza Forester BRZ Toyota GT86 Celica 5x100


Rota P1R 18 Alloys fits Evo 350Z Skyline S14A 200sx RX7 Supra Nissan 5x1143


4x Rota Recce Flat Black 17x8 4x108 ET40 +2 X Avon ZZS Tyres With FORD TPS


Rota GTR D Drift 18 Alloys fits BMW 3 5 Series E46 E36 E90 F30 E60 E61 5x120


Rota Grid Drifts 18x9et35 18x8et30 5x114


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