Used MG Alloys

Find the best alloy wheels for your MG in used or refurbished condition. We have thousands of wheels for all different models of cars which cost far less than if you were to buy the same wheels at a main dealer brand new! Many of these alloy wheels are in fantastic condition with some even coming with tyres making them far easier to fit yourself. It may be the you are finding it hard to track down some classic MG wheels, which is one reason why this site makes it so easy to find the correct alloy wheels you need!

GS - HS - MG3 - MG6 - MGB - MGF - Midget - FT - ZS

MG ZR ZS Rover 25 45 Streetwise Straight 11 Spoke 17 Alloy Wheels 33267028CM


MG TF MGF Alloy Wheels


MG TF Alloy Wheels 4 x 15 Inch + earlier MGF Wheel Require Refurbishment


PER WHEEL Mg Midget Rostyle Wheels Early Square Type 1970 1971


Rover 75 MG ZT ZT T straight style 18 alloy wheels rims


MG ZR ZS Rover 25 45 Streetwise Straight 11 Spoke 17 Alloy Wheels 33067028CM


Mg Midget Rostyle Wheels 13 x5




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Cheap MG Alloys

Why spend so much money when you can buy your alloy wheels cheaper on the secondary market. We have so many different styles and sizes of alloys for your MG that you really don’t have to look anywhere else! With wheels perfect for classics and modern MG’s you will find the alloy wheels at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for them brand new. In fact many car owners save thousands compared to the price the same wheels would cost at a main dealer.

The sellers on this site are from all around the UK, with companies and indeed individuals looking to sell their second hand and refurbished MG alloy wheels at great online only prices. These alloy wheels can be delivered straight to your door via courier or picked up at the sellers location.