Cheap Alloys

There is no doubt that buying used alloy wheels can be one of the best ways of saving money when it comes to either upgrading or replacing your existing car wheels. There are thousands of alloy wheels in used condition from suppliers and individuals throughout the UK. By purchasing original second hand alloys you are still buying the same high quality wheel made by the car manufacturer, but with cosmetic marks and curbing. For many such minor cosmetic marking makes no difference as it will most likely happen to new alloy wheels after a short period of time anyway!

Because the wheels are in used condition they no longer hold the huge premium that they cost from the dealership and for many who are upgrading their alloys, they are happy to sell the wheels that came on their car quickly and cheaply. We showcase a huge amount of alloy wheels on the site for all makes and models of cars on the UK roads. You can either click on the name of your cars manufacturer or do a more specific search for the exact alloy wheels you need!

Why Buy Cheap Alloy Wheels?

One of the main reasons to buy cheap alloy wheels is that they are one of the most expensive upgrades that you can buy for your car. Brand new alloys can cost thousands of pounds, but in used condition can be picked up for just a few hundred (Sometimes even less!) Original wheels taken from cars are still the high quality wheels that you would expect, but in used or refurbished condition which ultimately leads to huge savings.

Just because they are cheap does not mean that they lack in quality. The majority of wheels listed on this site are direct from the cars they were originally put on, so you can be assured of the original manufacturer quality even if they are slightly marked. Compared to buying brand new replica wheels you get a lot more bang for your buck and strong quality wheels built to last. No matter what make or model of car you have used alloy wheels are great for those who are looking to save money.

How Much Can You Save?

The alloy wheels found on this site can save you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of pounds depending on if you are looking to buy a single wheel or a set of 4. Many of the wheels from top manufacturers demand top prices from the main dealers, especially when many of the wheels are now out of date making them harder and often more costly to supply. Buying through our site guarantees a saving, you may be surprised just how much!

With Or Without Tyres?

When buying used alloy wheels there are two options when it comes to tyres. Buying the alloy wheels with no tyres or purchasing a set complete with tyres. When buying without you need to take into account that you need to either swap you tyres over onto the set you have bought, or have a tyre fitter put some brand new tyres on them. Depending on the style and size of alloy wheels you are buying you may not have the option of putting your old tyres onto them as they may not fit.

Purchasing used alloys and tyres is a fantastic option for those looking to put the wheels on their car straight away with minimal fuss. You may find that the package is so cheap that it is almost as if the tyres have been thrown in free! One thing to make sure of is how much tread is left on the tyres. Make sure that the tread is road legal and if so, just how much longer would they have left before you have to purchase new tyres. This will give you a better idea as to if the price on the set of alloy wheels and tyres is worth it to you or not.