14 inch Used Alloys

A wide selection of 14 inch used alloys for sale. For specific alloy wheels select your make and model of car or use the search box to find the perfect cheap alloys!

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If you need some 14 inch wheels for your car and are a budget, then buying some cheap used alloy wheels is a great way to buy a set or even an individual wheel. We have many available to buy no matter what make and model of car you have and showcase all different types of used alloy wheels in this size.

14 inch wheels are on the smaller end of the wheels available on this site and are a great way to either replace a damaged wheel with the exact type and size required, or for upgrading or changing the wheels on your car in this specific size. With so many available here on this website there really are rims to suit all different budgets and tastes!

You can normally either pick up the wheels or have them sent to you depending on what options the seller has listed. So, you could have some new 14 inch alloys on your car in no time, but please before buying check that the ones you like are the exact specification and sizing to suit your make and model of car.