13 inch Used Alloys

A wide selection of 13 inch used alloys for sale. For specific alloy wheels select your make and model of car or use the search box to find the perfect cheap alloys!

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If you are looking for cheap, yet great looking 13 inch alloy wheels then you will certainly find the perfect set or indeed individual rims here no matter what make and model of car you have! We specialise in helping you to find the perfect wheels for your car and showcase thousands of 13 inch wheels in used or refurbished condition with or without tyres.

This size of wheel is typically one of the smallest you will find on modern day cars and can create fantastic look if you are wanting to upgrade or simply a great way to replace a damaged or broken alloy wheel. With so many to pick from there really are wheels to suit all different tastes and budgets.

Wheels are available to either pick up from the seller or have shipped directly to your door depending on the alloys you buy. You could have your new 13 inch wheels on your car in no time, but before buying please make sure to check that they are the correct fitment for your exact car!